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11th Social Business Academia Conference
Monday, 01 April 2024 - Tuesday, 02 April 2024 
Asian Institute Of Technology, Thailand -
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11th Social Business Academia Conference 2024

Social business is about re-organising the world not only for a more prosperous future but also a more dignified survival. SBAC is about supporting these aims through social business research and teaching. The need for such alternatives has never been greater. Within this century, the future of humans on this planet looks very dark indeed, unless some drastic actions are taken in the immediate years. After a potentially short period of time, the planet will enter the ‘red zone’, where the ongoing process of worsening will become irreversible. All actions to reverse the process will have no impact whatsoever. Within the little time we have, only extraordinarily bold and immediate actions can save humans and other life forms from disaster. Social Business has a role to play in this.

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